The Rabbit Hole:
Why do we shorten names?

By Daniel de la Cruz
Chief Learner @ Polymensa

 If you’re here for the first time. 

Wait, this is the first Rabbit Hole we're writing about - Daniel!

Or maybe Dan? Or maybe D?
People always ask me what I prefer to be called?
And my answer is usually:

"Don’t care."

I mean, not like Donkey’s Ass.

But like Cruz, D Cruz, DDLC, Double D…
I’ve heard it all before.

In fact when I moved from Germany to the UK, I quickly noticed that Brits like to chop suey every name to shortest version that is phonetically possible.

Like Katherine to Karen, which just ends up being K/Kay.

Or Kaz…
Why the Z?
Like Gaz!
Why not Gar
Hey Garrrrrrr… (chica bum chica bum bum)

Well if you eveR wondered why names like Gaz end in a Z, 
here’s one explanation.

Based on the explanation I just linked to, why does Harry = Henry or Harold?

Hellooooo Harold.

Or Richard = Dick?
Margaret = Peggy?
And William = Bill?

Oh wait in the US Henry can also = Hank
Hank!!?? Haaaaank!!????

And squeeze your bum cheeks together once more, because apparently Hank was originally John!

…and that my dear (I love you so much because you bothered to indulge thus far) first time reader was your introduction to


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