Exit planning

By Daniel de la Cruz
Chief Learner @ Polymensa

Imagine chiselling away on a big block of ice.
After endless carving, you finally create the near perfect sculpture.

Similar to building your agency.
Your relentless optimisation leads you to a well structured business. 

You're closing in on the BIG exit - it's time to sell!

Off you go to find a buyer.
Time passes…
Finally you find someone who's interested.

You're ready to show off that beautiful ice sculpture! 
Screeching of the garage door chain, reveals a puny block of ice.
86% melted away.
It's now almost worthless.


The moral of this week’s blindspot:

It's a very time consuming task to sell your agency. When you “start” negotiating with a potential acquirer in your exit journey, make sure you have someone focusing fully on running the business, while another person is dedicated to the process of getting the business acquired.



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