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To the level .


An open letter to YOU


It used to be so easy - right?

The answers were clear.

But every time you’re promoted in your agency, it feels like you’re getting closer to the ceiling of your knowledge.

And the reality is that getting things wrong at this level are much more costly to your agency.

Hold on!

You’re clearly doing something right though, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten that last promotion!

You’re probably told you're competent, proactive, self driven and inquisitive
(*some of the key traits of a "high performer" in a study we ran on motivation).

But there's a nagging voice that keeps telling you that "you don’t know what you don’t know".

And it’s hard to understand what “good” really looks like in your role or as an agency.

Also it seems like the founders of your agency may be at the pinnacle of their knowledge - and despite all efforts wanting to get the agency to the next level, no one really knows how to get there.

So you’re stuck on the treadmill.

Because you can’t see the progress you are hoping for!

We get it.

And it’s why people come to us.

Because we use tools and unique approaches that will help you understand what good looks like across client services, people operations, sales & marketing and finance. 

Getting you excited about making those changes at your agency, whether that is:

1. a transformation project across your whole agency

2. optimising an area within your department 

3. or to simply help you change something in your own behaviour

You got this!
(and we'll be your Yoda, Mary Poppins and Dumbledore along your journey)

Cheers ✌️❤️

Daniel de la Cruz
Polymensa Founder & Chief Learner