Your non-executive

Board of advisors specially designed for agencies with 20 - 50 employees and agency founders who have never worked in an agency before or at agency board director level. To help you figure out this whole 'running an agency' thingy.


An open letter to YOU

Dear agency founder,

Can you do me a favour and step behind the curtain for a moment?

I’d like to show you something…

Yeah I know.

It’s tricky to be on stage all the time;

playing the cheerleader, mummy / daddy, BFF, teacher, carer, coach, fortune teller, MIND READER…

I can’t see from here, but how many are there?

20, 30, maybe 40 people sat at their computers creating the future of your agency?

Some days their brilliance makes you wiggle your toes
- and other days, there isn’t enough wine in the cupboard to drown your sorrows.

So how did you get this far with your agency?

Definitely the 10X3p4squared Nomics Bamboozle Formula!


You don’t actually know?!

Say that again…

You made half of it up as you went along?

(Whispers) Don’t tell anyone, but most agency founders do.

How do I know that?

I’ve met over 3,000 agency founders (yeah I know, I need to get a life) and all the agency founders who came onboard at Polymensa said the same thing.

OK, but you must have come here for a reason.

I assume it’s cause you got the collywobbles, knowing you have 20/30/40 mouths to feed and making a mistake now costs a little more than a pizza and an apology card.

You probably also never worked in an agency before and you just kinda want to figure this whole “running an agency” thing out.

Understand how ‘agency people’ do it.

And you’re thinking about getting external help, perhaps in form of a traditional non-executive director or a peer community.

If you’ve read this far, feel free to find out what the shortcomings of a traditional agency non-executive director or a peer community are
- in our How it works section.

Cheers ✌️❤️

Daniel de la Cruz
Polymensa Founder & Chief Learner