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Onboarding new team members

This is the most comprehensive report for onboarding team members at agencies. Practical tips and checklists provided by top performing agencies in the UK and US.

Agency KPIs and Operational tools

What is a good Staff Cost Ratio for an agency? What is a healthy EBIT? What project management systems do agencies typically use. Lots of these answers are in this report, sourced from a group of successful agencies.

Agency New Business Report

We wanted to know answers to questions, what are the best CRMs to use in agency new business, how do you identify companies you want to work with, do you use appointment setting companies, how to hire a successful new business person.

What meetings do agencies typical have?

The most important thing, but also potential to be a time drainer in an agency: Meetings. Which meetings are effective and which ones are better missed? How often do they happen and successful meetings by departments.

Run Client Reviews that help you retain and upsell

This pack contains tips from some of the best Chief Client Officers in our industry. Answering the question when, how and why Client Reviews are so important to growing an agency.

Leading A SLT when you've never done it before

This is the hardest thing for an MD who's been promoted from within. Or a founder who's grown their agency to 30 some people and suddenly has to lead a leadership team. All tips in here will ensure you succeed at helping you get the most out of your leadership team. 

What motivates people at agencies?

Not only will you find out what motivates people at agencies in this report that was completed by over 100 people who work at agencies, but also how to foster intrinsic motivation.

Looking for some inspiration for your marketing manager?

This pack contains lots of examples of agencies and consultancies who are brilliant at marketing. Those that are consistently getting good leads in and working with some incredible clients.

Successfully make changes at your agency

Convert people who are resisting change. Figuring out when to consult the team vs. pushing through a change (and how to do it in a way that gets that right people on board). Understand why academic change management models often don't work in practice.

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Polymensa has been a valuable tool for me. I joined Reflect Digital with no prior agency experience and I have found the community provided to be super valuable. I am People Director and I was able to speak to other individuals who work in the HR/People space and share ideas, thoughts, best practices and troubleshoot. Polymensa ensured that I had a valuable community of like-minded individuals, who understood my challenges who I could call on at any time, even outside of the Polymensa sessions.

I love the way Daniel completes a gap analysis of what we know and want to know before planning topics for each quarter. This means that the talks and Q&As provided are the most relevant for our industry at the time. The format is always very flexible and informal and no question is off limits or unworthy of the forum. This has made me feel completely included in a world that is still very new to me.

I have learnt so much from Polymensa, both from the in-person alive events and virtual events. I am incredibly grateful for the community that Daniel has created and how they have helped me in my role.

For me, Polymensa is a safe haven away from the deafeningly noisy and self-centred ethos of the digital agency world. Daniel leads by example, his enthusiasm and dedication to lifting up others is infectious - it’s a community of kind, like-minded folks who leave their ego at the door and commit to carving a better path for ‘we’ and not just ‘me’.

Having recently expanded my role and stepping up my responsibilities, it can feel overwhelming and like there’s never enough time for ‘personal development’. Polymensa’s structure helps me narrow down my core focus areas and discuss my progress with others walking a similar path. The speakers are carefully chosen and really understand the challenges of agency leadership which makes it easier to apply practical actions to my day-to-day role.

I feel proud to be a part of Polymensa; it’s an inclusive and non-judgmental space for senior leaders to explore their leadership style. It’s not about fitting into the traditional shoes of a leader, it’s about finding the pair that fit you best.



Our agency has been a member of Polymensa for a number of years and it has been pivotal to the training and development of our senior leadership team. I’ve made countless invaluable industry contacts who have generously shared their insights and experiences – all making me a better agency leader.

In particular I value my mentoring sessions with Daniel, it’s been refreshing talking to someone consistently outside of my agency to share ideas, solve problems and get an outside perspective from someone with such an extensive industry experience.

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