How Polymensa helps senior managers

Every agency we’ve ever worked with has had a problem they wanted to solve.


That’s obvious! 
Mo money, mo problems - ey?

What’s less obvious is how marketing agencies go about solving those problems - effectively…

Trial & Error alone won't work.

What we often see is senior management teams trying to figure it out on their own using trial and error, intuition or outdated methods to solve their challenges.

Wasting thousands of pounds and countless hours.
Increasing frustration, stress and dissatisfaction among team members and clients.
At worst, lose valuable team members and clients in the process.
The agency ends up stagnating.
You know, kinda doing alright
until an unexpected event hits you right in the belly.
Suddenly that kinda alright - ain’t good enough and you’re now making a loss.

Or even worse…
The agency ends up growing too fast without the right kind of structure, processes and people to support it, until another unexpected event pulls the wrong block out of the wonky Jenga tower.

Same problem, different angle...


Because senior managers at marketing agencies between 20 - 50 employees are often promoted from within. 
It’s one of the best things seeing someone rise to the top right from the bottom.


But how do they know what excellence looks like, if they haven’t seen the top from anywhere else? 

In many cases they may start to feel like an imposter, which can have a detrimental effect on their leadership style, ability to confidently and effectively solve problems… causing their colleagues to lose trust in their ability.

And as the spiral continues, the lack of adequate training of a senior manager can ultimately affect the reputation, profitability and sustainability of the agency.

Our 5 circles of support for senior managers at marketing agencies

We help senior managers at marketing agencies discover what excellence looks like in leading people, clients, finances, new business and yourself.

Depending on your specific role and department, you’ll have more responsibilities in one area than the other.

Your agency will have areas of competency that are unique to you. Shhhhhh! That’s your secret sauce. We won’t interfere with that. We’ll just ensure you’re fully competent in the other areas, so that you can fully focus on evolving your secret sauce recipe!

You will learn how to:

  • Define your vision, mission, values and goals for your agency
  • Identify your target market and your unique value proposition
  • Create a marketing plan and a sales funnel that attracts and converts your ideal clients
  • Manage your finances, operations and resources efficiently and effectively
  • Implement best practices and standards for project management and quality assurance
  • Build strong relationships with your clients, partners and stakeholders
  • Negotiate contracts and proposals that benefit both parties
  • Handle difficult situations and resolve conflicts with confidence
  • Lead your teams with clarity, direction and feedback
  • Motivate, inspire, and empower your team to perform at their best
  • Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement


Check out our resources to give you an idea of some the specific topics we cover.

Access a wide variety of advisors

Including agency experts, experts from other industries & walks of life and agency peers to discover what excellence looks like in our 5 pillars.

Stronger together 

Get support and advice from peers who are running similar size agencies - likeminded and humble. People that wouldn’t be afraid to admit they’re struggling too. But may have already solved your problem.

Senior Leadership Team support meetings

Get an advisor to help your whole SLT be aligned, work through specific team dynamic challenges, getting an outside perspective on particular challenges and help the SLT hit their targets.

1 to 1 mentoring

Your own personal Yoda to keep you motivated, help you reach your personal objectives and help you avoid typical costly mistakes as a newly promoted senior manager.

Membership tiers

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