Polymensa Vivid Vision


This is what the world looks like once we've achieved our vision in 2026, want to be part of this exciting journey?

We are in business to...

Help senior managers be in a position where they can successfully run their agency with and without the founder.


Foster intentionally collaborative, creative and kinder human beings in a world where these three traits will help us create a brighter future for us humans and our planet.


It’s 2026...
AI is embedded in most of our workflows. It may not yet be good enough to write [INSERT REALLY FAMOUS PIECE], but it’s now supporting the bulk of an agency team’s jobs, helping to produce content, designing brands, generating code, gathering data insights, providing financial insights, etc.

Over the past three years AI has been fed an immense amount of data that explains how to run an agency, how to structure it for the next stage of growth, the right metrics to use, giving you realms of information that you can use to make better decisions about things where patterns exist.

There are now plenty new ways to connect virtually, that is meant to feel more real, but actually limits us even more from using all of our senses to create meaningful human connections.

Flexible working continues to be demanded, as a generation of people who knew nothing else have moved up the ranks. We are still seeking for the optimal balance between congregating in person and meeting virtually. 

The pressure is not only on agency side, it also impacts the clients agencies work with. As Generation Z move into decision making roles, they are implementing policies that require agencies they partner up with to also consider the impact they are having on the planet and their communities.

It’s now more important than ever to be collaborative, to draw on our ability to imagine things that are unimaginable and most importantly to be kind in a world that is increasingly dominated by extreme views, climate and geopolitical issues. Also when we are marketing to robots as a buyer, it makes sense to let robots do the marketing. But when we market to humans, we need nuanced human creativity to connect emotionally. The ability for agencies to design AI is now a given. 

What clients are seeking out are agencies that are niche experts and provide this nuanced human creative approach, beyond cutting costs and improving process efficiencies. A key position for agencies now.


Tight-knit Community


It’s 2026...
and Polymensa is a tight-knit community of human beings that are all striving to be kinder, more collaborative, improve their ability to think more creatively about the challenges of their agency and their clients.


A group of people that give a shit about planet and communities, but also recognise that without money you can’t make an impact. Therefore everyone is also striving to be commercially savvy, with the ultimate goal to build a profitable business that sheds loads of cash that can be used to make a positive impact in our world, supports a remuneration system that gives everyone more time to think creatively and be able to be more generous. 

There are now 10 agencies in our community and all the managers are deeply involved in learning the ins-and-outs of building an agency, how to successfully operate as a leadership team, cross-pollinating know-how between departments not in isolation of each department. Making them well-rounded leaders (T/M shaped) that are adaptable to changes, able to see agency challenges through multiple lenses and ultimately make better decisions - just like a founder can (who’s spent time in every department).

They are doing this together as a leadership team and in collaboration with the leadership teams across the other agencies. 

Our troop has approximately 50 people in it, which is small enough to get to know each other really well.

There is a deep trust between SLT managers at each agency in Polymensa, but also between the members in our community. With everyone having each other’s back, the focus is shifted away from “I fear my peers are a threat to my existence” to “how can we solve challenges together?” We strongly believe that when there is deep trust and compassion for each other, you are able be the most creative, produce exceptional work and effectively challenge each other to move out of our comfort zone. Most importantly when things get tough, you get through it together, rather than take a “each for their own” approach.


Experiences that shape us


It’s 2026...
and Polymensa is hosting a combination of online events and in person events. Leadership teams have the opportunity to attend all events together, so they are not isolated in their role and tackle challenges collaboratively with their team and their peers.


Online events are longer in duration to leave more time to reflect and to set actions as a team, but fewer in the overall calendar - to make it easier to attend, because we appreciate a manager’s time is scarce.

The programme is shared at least a month ahead of time, so that everyone knows what is coming up and can prepare accordingly. The majority of the online events are focussed on topics about “the running of an agency”.



The in person events on the other hand will be specially tailored to focus on aspects such as human connection, building confidence, human creativity, physical health, spirituality, building trust, kindness, getting motivated, collaborating, empathising, building assertiveness, overcoming fear of conflict, having novel experiences, falling in love with the work you do and the company you work for and the team you work with, storytelling, play time, a space to reflect… 

Polymensa Alive events are held in locations that spark creativity and manifest strong bonds between all people who attend.

“Alive” considers introverts as well as extroverts, with spaces that suit both. But also include moments that will push either side out of their comfort zone, to build empathy towards each other.

We are paying very close attention to stimulating tastes, hearing, smell, touch and seeing (and try to make the experiences as inclusive as much as possible for those that have disabilities).


It’s 2026...

and Polymensa is now a B Corp.

Not for the bumper sticker or because we need to be seen to do good, but because we genuinely give a shit about people and our planet.

And for that we needed a compass. We needed to know our blind spots.

Now we have a framework when making decisions on how we run our events, what we do with our profits, who we work with to ensure we are having a positive effect on our planet and our communities.

Polymensa has a Human Council

that involves different members from our community to hold us accountable to our “impact” pledges. Every year Polymensa donates a significant amount of profit to a charity chosen by our Human Council.

Our troop are involved in volunteering as a group for charitable activities, using our time, know-how and financial resources to help those in need and our planet. Because we genuinely want to help. 

It will also help us be more compassionate towards our fellow team members and give perspective on our own life - especially when we are facing difficult moments.

Thank you for your support to making this vision come alive!

Would you like us to support you in running your agency?