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We don’t just pick anyone - we spend weeks sometimes months researching the perfect advisors that share their wisdom and perspective on specific topics that will help you run your agency.

Here are the advisors who have helped our agencies at POLYMENSA

We believe that the advice you get should come from varied sources. It’s why we look for advisors from all walks of life. These multiple perspectives from inside and outside of our industry help you discover the truth of the advice given. You’ll also pick up things that no one in our industry does - giving you a competitive edge.

Advisors from within our ‘agency’ industry

Advisors from other industries and walks of life

Peer advisors - our POLYMENSA troop


Daniel de la Cruz is the founder of Polymensa. During the past 7 years he's met over 3,000 agencies. As part of that journey he built The Agency Collective a peer community for agency founders and has helped 100s of agencies with running their agency. As part of his overall life mission Daniel is committed to helping young people out of a life of crime at the charity Gloves Not Gunz.

Daniel de la Cruz
Founder, Facilitator & Chief Learner @ Polymensa

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