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There is as much value learning from your peers who are running a similar size agency right now, as there is learning from ‘expert advisors’. That is why Polymensa provides you with a peer group that will have your back when needed and tackle your challenges together - and there will only ever be a maximum of 30 agencies in our troop in the UK (other countries stay tuned). Meet your non-ego peers you’ll get advice and support from.

We cap our troop at max 30 agencies. That is why we carefully select people, based on the following criteria:

All agencies must have at least 20 employees (Polymensa is most valuable for agencies between 20 - 50 employees)

We only want people who are not afraid to openly share their challenges and solutions

People in our troop need to be humble, care about their peers and be supportive (basically people with no ego) - we follow the Ubuntu philosophy

You want to constantly learn new things, improve and are open minded enough to unlearn things you think you already know

These are the 16 agencies in our troop advising each other (there will only be a total of 30 agencies in the UK)

Here is what our troop thinks of POLYMENSA

"The support we've had from Polymensa during our growth has been fantastic. As a relatively young agency the industry can sometimes feel a little intimidating, but no matter the challenge Dan is always able to find someone that can provide us with some support and much needed words of wisdom.

Alongside regular discussions with industry heavyweights, Dan and the other Polymensa members have also been there for us whenever needed. This continued support is an essential part of our growth plan going forwards!"

Matthew Duhig & Tom Smith

Co-founders of FX Digital

"Working with Dan and Polymensa has become critical to our business. Our weekly group catch-ups are sacred time in my calendar that is untouched and on the rare occasion it is, there is always a recording to re-watch. Dan’s energy and drive is infectious. That outside perspective from Dan and the other agencies in our Team Mintaka is so valuable to us as a growing agency. We’ve become a really close-knit team, there has been trust and openness from day one, but that has deepened over time. We work together to agree on topics that will be useful to us all and we challenge each other - it certainly keeps me on my toes and ensures I am always learning and developing.

I can’t recommend Polymensa enough to ambitious agencies that want to grow."

Becky & Paul Simms

Co-founders of Reflect Digital (Part of The Lab Group)

"The Polymensa sessions have been hugely valuable to my growth as an agency leader and to my leadership team. The topics are all very relevant and chosen by the group, so we get to influence the content and can make sure it addresses the most pressing issues. The guest speakers are of a very high calibre, have relevant experience and give a wide range of insights that instantly offer solutions to problems. And the group itself is great to be a part of – a bunch of agency founders that get along and help one another to improve all aspects of their businesses."

Gareth Morgan

Founder of Liberty Marketing

Simon Schnieders

Founder of Bluearray

"It can be a lonely place running an agency, so the chance to meet regularly with a bunch of like-minded peers to learn from each other is invaluable. Dan is a fantastic facilitator, but he’s also great at getting to the heart of our issues, bringing in guest speakers, or initiating extensive research to overcome our challenges. Polymensa has been instrumental to my and my leadership team's learning and development, which has substantially improved the business."

Neil Adams

Co-Founder of Powerhouse Photo

“Polymensa has broadened our thinking and made us look at things differently. The group knowledge sharing and collaboration is helping us scale our business and uncover new opportunities. Joining was one of the best decisions we have made.”

Dean Corney

Managing Director of Pull Agency

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