Get to the nut

Can I send you...

 ...the true meaning behind the slapdash advice peeps chuck about in our industry every day?


Stuff like:

“Hire slow, fire fast!”

“The holy grail is 100,000 revenue per head!”

“Remember culture eats strategy for breakfast!”

“What you need is a good work/life balance!!”

bla bla bla...'s free, sent weekly and you get a free gun when you sign up (erm the third bit is a porky, please don't sign up if that was your incentive!)


I see you're the type who needs a little more convincing.

Clearly not one of those newsletterphiliacs who hand out their email address to anyone.

Well how about this...

Want a free gift that is worth £530,301,333,7?

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I'll send you a MEATY 34 page resource showcasing 41 companies that share how to get new superstar employees wanting to work for your agency FOREVER !(obviously that depends on how long you want them to work for you)

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What?? You're still here reading this???

OK look, in all seriousness now. 

I put a massive amount of time and effort planning and writing our emails.

If you're an agency founder or part of an agency's leadership team I reckon you'll find them really useful.

Maybe you'll find out soon why.

And if not, that's OK too.

Either way, thank you for reading.