Hire slow, fire fast?

"Following this advice saves money, time, and heartache."

Jeffrey J. Fox | Founder & Advisor | Fox Business Advisors

How would you explain what “hire slow, fire fast” means?


For your first question, I suggest people read chapters 8, 9, augmented with 11 and 12. Jeffrey J Fox is referring to his book: “How To Become A Great Boss”.

What do you think about this ‘advice’?


My advice is good advice. Following this advice saves money, time, and heartache.

Would you give this advice to other people?


I give that advice to anyone with the responsibility to recruit, hire, promote others.

If not, what alternative advice would you give to agency leaders?


Fast and slow are relative terms. The hiring person must be able to spot great talent when they first see it. Often, top talent stands out, above everyone else. The racehorse, Secretariat, stood out as a foal. Even someone with little knowledge of horse racing would recognize superior talent. If talent is spotted in the hiring process, hire Secretariat fast.

Bonus advice from Jeffrey J Fox


Something not in the book, but should be, is what I tell candidates in every interview. I tell candidates that only he or she knows if they can do the job, succeed at the job. The candidate could be a Stanford MBA; Heisman Trophy Winner; and valedictorian of her high school class, but only she knows if she can do the job. I tell clients that they hire and fire themselves. If they get the job and can’t do the job, then they will fire themselves.

Jeffrey J Fox' bio

Jeffrey J Fox runs a management and marketing firm that specializes in helping clients dollarize their value proposition to grow revenues and gross margins by overcoming the price objection and shortening the sales cycle.

Here is the full biography of Jeffrey J Fox:
**BA, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. Capitol Area Scholar.
**MBA, Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass. Played rugby.
**Heublein (now Diageo). Director of New Products.
**Pillsbury Co. (wine divisions). Vice-President Marketing.
**Loctite. Vice-president Marketing and Corporate Officer.
**Sales & Marketing Magazine. “Marketer of the Year.”
**American Marketing Association. “Conn. Marketer of the Year.”
**National Industrial Distribution Association. “# 1 Marketer Through Industrial Distribution.”
**Subject of Harvard Business School Case Study, the # 1 taught marketing case study in the world.
**President of Hartford Wanderers Rugby Club. Broke leg. Retired.
**Trinity College “Person of the Year.”
**Written thirteen books, one or more of which have been published in over 35 languages. 225+ international titles.
**How To Become CEO.” NYT, Business Week, Wall St. Journal, Knight-Ridder best seller lists. # 1 best seller in France, Russia, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong.
**”How To Become a Rainmaker.” Business Week, WSJ best seller lists. Selected as one of “The 100 Best Business Books Ever Written.”
**”The Dollarization Discipline.” Selected as one of the “Top Thirty Business Books” of 2009. (“Dollarization” is trademarked by Jeffrey Fox.)
**”Rain: What a Paperboy Learned About Business.” Winner of an Audie as the “Best Audio Business Book of the Year.”
**Created and commercialized hundreds of new products, brand names, tag lines.
**Featured in hundreds of articles, books, blogs, media.

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