The Rabbit Hole:

By Daniel de la Cruz
Chief Learner @ Polymensa

So I stumbled upon this hilarious text-to-voice engine called FakeYou.

But unlike the usual dull robotic voice you get from automated nuisance calls, this one lets you pick a voice from a list of celebrities and well known characters.

Can you guess who this is?

I like chips with my sausage and mash - I know, weird right? 
I think it may have malfunctioned a bit towards the end.

I do all my stunts myself. I even once did a roly poly over a hill of skittles and broke my ankle while the scene was being shot - but I just continued. Because I am A REAL bad ass mother fucker! 
That’s the first time I’ve heard - him - swear!

Red and green and brown and blue, they're the really useful crew. All with different roles to play, round Tidmouth sheds or far away. Down the hills and round the bends, Thomas and his friends. 
No! it’s not Thomas The Tank engine! But if you want a real TTTxBIG mash up, check this out.

I blame my girlfriend for all these weird and wonderful discoveries - imagine what I go through at 12am when she starts scrolling through instagram reels and I just want to sleep!

And finally:
Bitches in Australia banned us, because my dad told me spiders are harmless! Well for your information, here in Britain they are! You dweebs!!
Yup, true fact.

I could spend hours putting these together, but then I won’t have time to write more inspirational content for you. With that in mind, I hand over the reins to you: Enjoy creating FakeYous.

Oh and if you’re into resurrecting famous people, have a listen to this completely AI voice podcast between Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs (nuff said).

Blindspot: Economics

I’m going to admit, that although I spend a significant amount trying to educate myself about economics, my knowledge would probably equate a little single atom in a pumpkin compared a Keynes or Krugman.

It’s why I rely on people who this for a living to do the thinking for me.

Ad although I don’t always understand what they’re on about, I thought this was one of the easiest to understand explanations of how our economy functions and why we get this thing called inflation…

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