The Rabbit Hole:
Ramen Bible

By Daniel de la Cruz
Chief Learner @ Polymensa

This week's Rabbit Hole is about Ramen.
Yup, that soupy dish originally from Japan, introduced by Chinese immigrants in the 20th century.

I love cooking.
To me it's meditation, an analogy to constant development and proactive contribution towards my well rounded fat flaps!

After years of attempting to create mediocre broths that tasted like warm water and took me about 20mins to make, I finally decided to do it the proper way.

In January 2021 I took on the mighty task of making Ramen. For those of you reading this and have attempted this before, you will understand this undertaking. For those of you that haven't, get ready to set aside a whole fucking weekend! And that's not even a lot of time.

But where to start?

And that my dear reader brings us to the actual Rabbit Hole. After searching endlessly for the perfect Ramen recipe, I stumbled across the ultimate legendary almighty Ramen Bible:
The Ramen_Lord Book of Ramen

This is a 133-page masterpiece of the most in-depth explanation of how to make Ramen. You will quickly appreciate the attention to detail. Heck Heston Blumenthal released a whole book on Dashi and Umami (that costs £250!!). And that's only one ingredient of a wholesome Ramen.

Anyway, I somehow managed to get through the weekend without giving up. It was mega delicious!!!



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