Polymensa schedule 


Coming up in
February and March 2023

Each month we host inspirational and useful events to help our troop of agencies grow. Panning across department specific sessions such as Client Services, Sales & Marketing, People Ops and Operations. Also sessions specifically for founders and for managing directors.


In February 2023

Excellent Award Entry Writing

We want to discuss the usefulness of awards for agencies. Specifically for the recruitment of employees and new clients. But even if we discover that they are really useful... how to write an entry that almost guarantees you an award? (provided the work you produced is outstanding)

We are joined by advisors to the prestiguous Don't Panic event awards and by an agency that has won the most Search Awards globally to share the skills of  writing an excellent award entry that will woo the judges.



AI for agencies

It's the trending topic in our industry right now and our troop of agencies didn't want to fall behind on it. So we decided to do the following:

Polymensa put in days of work to research and curate the best AI tools for agencies (and create a beginner's guide) (check out our free event for non-members).

Next we'll bring in disruptive tech & corporate innovation analysts who advise big tech firms to help us understand where the market may be going and how we need to prepare our agency for the changes ahead.


In March 2023

Leading your agency's senior leadership team (SLT)

There is plenty of reading material and courses for managers to become better leader. But there isn't much taught on how a founder or a Managing Director of an agency should lead a group of senior leaders.

A far more nuanced approach is required here, that can only be learnt by people who have either been serial entrepreneurs and are willing to share what worked, but also the leadership mistakes they've made. And by those that are currently in a role leading a senior leadership team.

Polymensa put together a range of incredible advisors that meet the criteria above and you will get an opportunity to ask them any question you have. Helping you become a better leader of your SLT, figure out how to structure your SLT, when to promote someone into the SLT vs hiring, set boundaries (when to say "no" and how), knowing when to step in and when to leave your SLT to take the lead and more... don't miss this unique learning experience.


Hear our members talk about how much they benefit from being part of Polymensa...

"Working with Dan and Polymensa has become critical to our business. Our weekly group catch-ups are sacred time in my calendar that is untouched and on the rare occasion it is, there is always a recording to re-watch. Dan’s energy and drive is infectious. That outside perspective from Dan and the other agencies in our Team Mintaka is so valuable to us as a growing agency. We’ve become a really close-knit team, there has been trust and openness from day one, but that has deepened over time. We work together to agree on topics that will be useful to us all and we challenge each other - it certainly keeps me on my toes and ensures I am always learning and developing.

I can’t recommend Polymensa enough to ambitious agencies that want to grow."

Becky & Paul Simms

Co-founders of Reflect Digital (Part of The Lab Group)

“I love the themed calls! The variety of advisors per theme helps me get a really good understanding of the topic. I also like that not all advisors are from the agency world, it lets me learn things from other industries that I can apply in my own agency.”

Dean Corney

Managing Director of Pull Agency
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"Polymensa's Deep Dives have changed the way I do business. Being a leader can be isolating and lonely. To have a forum where you can openly share and learn from others has been life changing."

Domenica Di Lieto

Founder of Emerging Communications
Meet the rest of our troop

"The honesty in these sessions, and the genuine want to share and help each other is what makes this group invaluable. Sometimes you have all questions and problems, other times you have solutions and success stories, but you always end up learning something."

Liz Hemes

Client Services Director of 383

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