Get the right people on the bus

"When you first set off on your journey you need different people to the folk you'll need later"

Ian Harris | Founder | Agency Hackers

How would you explain what “get the right people on the bus” means?


It’s a funny expression "to get on the bus".

You hear some agencies talking about being a family, or a sports team. "On the bus" suggests a recognition that running an agency is a journey, and that people will climb aboard and step off along the way.

(It also implies that your team are passengers, which is interesting.)

The good thing about talking about "getting the right people on the bus" is that it shows an appreciation that when you first set off on your journey you need different people to the folk you'll need later.

From what I've observed, this is hugely accurate – and not everyone groks this right away.

In the early days of your agency you might need blacksmiths, throwing off sparks and energy, who fill the air with clanging noises and flailing arms. But later, once you have established pace and momentum, you need watchmakers, who bring quiet discipling and make small careful moves.

Same bus, different speed and style.

Who do you think should own the vision in an agency?


The vision is something the founder can't delegate.

If you don't have one, your team will bring one – and it will probably align with their personal politics and beliefs than anything to do with you making any money.

For example, one day Derek Sivers’ employees said: "Which profit-sharing plan should we go with?"

He told them: "You choose.”

Derek liked to empower his employees to make decisions, and would always let them vote on how the business was run. Six months later, his accountant phoned him: “Did you know that your employees set up a profit-sharing program?"


"Did you know that they're giving all of the profits of the company back to themselves?"

Oops. Derek realised that there's such a thing as over-delegation.

Delegating the vision is definitely over-delegation in my book.

Ian Harris' favourite interview question


Peter Thiel asks people: “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”

What a tit! It's a great interview question if your goal is to hire irritating smart-arses.

I don't think single interview questions are that helpful.

But I'm not one to take advice from: I'm not very good at interviewing. I want to like everybody, and anything concerning in people I always think I can change or improve.

It's not just me: agency owners often think they can turn toads into princes with one kiss. Unfortunately, you observe many kisses but very few miracles. Nevertheless, we remain very confident about the efficacy of our kisses – even though our stationary cupboards might be full of unresponsive toads!

Many agency owners have recommended the book Who: A Method for Hiring by Dr. Geoff Smart and Randy Street.

It details all the dumb things we do when we interview people. (The "Art Critic" talks about trusting one’s guts: it works fine for judging paintings, but it's inaccurate when it comes to hiring. The "Prosecutor" believes that tricky questions will reveal a candidate’s true potential. They don’t.)

Ian Harris' bio

Ian Harris is the founder of agency peer community Agency Hackers.


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Daniel (Polymensa founder)

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