Leadership Programme For Busy  Managers At Agencies 

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7 Online Sessions.
1 In Person Workshop (in London).
Building your confidence and agility in leading your team successfully.
£1,596 per delegate. 

Become a great leader and start growing your team... (sign up to our waiting list for the next cohort)


Like a 12 course meal at a Michelin starred restaurant...

With wine pairing?
Just kidding 😀

Discover new ways to say “no”, while maintaining good relationships with your colleagues

Build your confidence to set direction and share your ideas effectively

Imposter syndrome
Overcome self-doubt, without changing who YOU are

Managing “up” and “down”
Get buy in from both the people you manage and the owner(s) of your agency


Cultivate a sense of responsibility for personal and team success


Empower others, so you can gain more time for strategic thinking and to help your team grow

Courageous conversations

Stop putting off difficult conversations and approach it confidently

Ask for feedback and give feedback that will help your colleagues grow and trust you as a leader

Overwhelm & Anxiety
Improve your ability to self-regulate and feel more at ease in stressful situations

Planning for success

Gain tools to quickly start and re-energise projects 


Break down silos and adapt creative co-ideation strategies 

Team identity

Understand the core principles that satisfy our human need for belonging and how to use this new-found knowledge to rally your team

Lots of depth, bite-sized and with a lasting memory.

Who is it for?

Hopefully this is obvious, but when we talk about agencies we don’t mean the CIA or MI5. We’re talking about marketing, SEO, PPC, tech, PR, video, social, … those kinds of agencies.

Open to agencies across the UK 🇬🇧 and Europe 🇪🇺.

And who in an agency is the programme most useful for?

1. Those that are team leads...

Recently been promoted from within the agency from a service line. Mainly because they're really good in delivering that service. But are now leading a few people, yet still have a mindset of me rather than team.

2. Those that are directors of departments...

Again likely promoted from within. Have a bit more experience of managing people. But are now preparing for a seat at board level. More than ever need to be able to manage up and down. Also get the managers who are reporting into them to perform.

If it is part of your responsibility to help your team members develop - then this is the ideal programme for you. It will help evolve your skills to lead your team, grow your department and agency.


The programme will include all the "dishes" on our menu ;)

Orientation and Setting Your Direction (online workshop)

It starts with you, we will set the direction for your leadership progression and get clear on the leader you want to be, what can hold you back and the results you want to see in your team. We will use this as a benchmark, guiding us to monitor and track the progress you are making throughout the programme.  

Leadership and "The Chimp" (online workshop)

Enhance your self management and leadership skills through the art of psychological finesse. In Session Two, we will delve into the workings of the mind, introducing The Chimp Model to provide psychological insights and skills  into optimising personal and team performance. 

Delegation and Accountability (online workshop)

If you’ve ever felt frustrated that tasks in your team aren’t done properly and on time, it could suggest that your delegation skills may benefit from some fine-tuning. In Session Three, we will explore the common pitfalls associated with delegation and equip you with strategies to overcome them. You will learn how to create robust accountability and ownership in your team. 

Collaboration and "Wicked Problems" (In person workshop in London)

The importance for team collaboration is well understood by most teams. Yet, if collaboration is unstructured and poorly facilitated it can be timely and its effectiveness compromised. Session Five is a full day face-to-face  session where we will focus on developing your collaboration skills utilising an action-learning approach. You will build collaborative tools to use with your teams and create a strategic roadmap to tackle complex and challenging issues, commonly known as ‘wicked problems’.


Courageous Conversations and Feedback (online workshop)

Engaging in courageous conversation is an integral part of effective people management. It is often avoided due to the fear of consequences and lack of preparation. In this session, you will learn a six-step method to turn challenging conversations into courageous ones and deliver feedback with ease.


Planning for Success With Your Team (online workshop)

Planning doesn't need to be time-consuming. Session Six introduces you to an efficient and time-efficient tool that can be applied to any team project or initiative. ‘Planning for Success’ will equip you with the skills and structure to start or re-energise projects to keep them on track, create clarity and accountability and drive growth. 

Creating a Culture of Belonging (online workshop)

Becoming a great leader not only means developing specific skills but also creating a strongly aligned team that drives change and growth. In Session Seven, you will learn the five principals of team alignment and how to align team behaviours and operating systems to them. You will lay the groundwork for a culture where individuals come to work with a spring in their step and are proud to be a part of your team.

Commitment and Alignment (Online workshop & graduation)

Maintaining momentum with your new toolkit can be challenging once the inspiration and encouragement of the group training concludes. In Session Eight, we will distinguish the difference between motivation and commitment, exploring strategies to integrate your new skills into your daily routine. This will include how to realign to best practice when the inevitability of old habits return. 


The aim is to ensure continuous application of your new leadership skills to cultivate long lasting and meaningful change. 


Tamson Edmonds Msc

Executive and Leadership Coach
Founder of Amara Coaching and Training

Your coach

Polymensa is proudly collaborating with world-renowned Executive and Leadership Coach Tamson Edmonds from Amara Coaching and Training.

Tamson’s leadership coaching and training are rooted in cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, shaped by a decade of transformative work close to Olympic teams, tech giants and creative agencies.  

Tamson’s leadership took on new heights in her late 20s as a Deputy Head in secondary education before she set up her first consultancy in 2012. A wonderful encounter with Prof Steve Peters, the brains behind ‘The Chimp Paradox’ led to an invitation for Tamson to join Steve’s company. She was propelled into the realm of neuroscience, deepening her insights into the workings of the mind in self-management, team dynamics, performance and culture.

In 2017, Tamson founded Amara Coaching and Training and became the Twitter UK team coach before Elon Musk arrived in 2022. Tamson’s impact extends across diverse sectors and with industry leaders such as Spotify, Google, TikTok, SCC and Defected Records. Tamson champions a mission to equip leaders with the psychological finesse needed to build high-performance cultures where teams thrive, and leaders become a force for good in the world.

Join us on this transformative journey as we tap into Tamson’s expertise to take your leadership excellence and team cohesion to a whole new level.

Chef's amuse bouche

(Programme highlights)

Expert guidance
Benefit from Tamson's expertise, drawing from psychological models such as The Chimp Paradox, emotional intelligence and a wealth of leadership expertise.

Three levels of focus
Leadership skill development across the three levels of self, team and company.

Practical skills
Session by session you will gain practical tools that you can put into practice as soon as you finish each session.

You will learn alongside a community of leaders in agencies - facing similar problems.

Easy time convenient
We've deliberately designed the course so that it fits into your busy schedule

Some of the companies where Tamson has helped senior managers become confident and agile leaders

  • Emma Hazan (Former Director Of Consumer PR)
    “I have found Tamson’s training and advice invaluable to how I am working with the teams globally. It has given me the confidence to manage the expectations of others I work with better. I am also becoming more aware of the need to modify how I work with different people so not using a one size fits all approach to each team - instead I’m asking how they want me to help them, rather than diving in head first and taking over.”
    Emma Hazan (Former Director Of Consumer PR)
    Hotwire PR
  • Wez Saunders (CEO)
    “The Coaching and Team Sessions with Tamson have developed the team’s leadership qualities and skills. The togetherness, accountability and productivity of the team have all increased. Working with Tamson is a breath of fresh air. Her ability to clearly understand the business requirements as well as personal needs is a special skill.”
    Wez Saunders (CEO)
    Defected Records
  • Kam Bhatoa (Head Of Government)
    “Tamson was always absolutely present in the sessions. Sometimes it’s very difficult to articulate things that are challenging. But we talked things out in a positive way, explored why it was happening, the kinds of techniques for how to handle it, and what the long-term plan could be for that. It was really useful.”
    Kam Bhatoa (Head Of Government)
  • Dimitris Perdikou (Head of Engineering)
    “The coaching is great for people who are unsure how to grow in their leadership or people who have been pushed up the chain into leadership positions before being quite ready for it. You develop new habits which become ingrained as a natural part of your leadership style.”
    Dimitris Perdikou (Head of Engineering)
    Home Office


A set of practical tools to navigate the challenges and opportunities of leadership at your agency.

A renewed confidence in your leadership style and the results you can influence.

A fresh perspective and approach on how to get the best out of your team and achieve the impact you want to have in your agency and industry.

You're not going to receive homework or be asked to write essays, you are however going to be asked to put the tools and techniques into practice in between sessions and then reflect and feedback.

This programme will change the way you lead your team.
For the better - for ever.
What are you waiting for?

Become the best leader you can be...

Still have questions?
Feel free to drop our course manager Daniel an email on [email protected] - and he'll be glad to help out.