Virtual Onboarding Report for agencies


The working world will never be the same and employers will need to get this right or risk losing new hires.

That is why we researched 41 carefully selected companies that demonstrated a best-in-class "virtual onboarding process for their new hires".

The goal to help you ensure your new starters are fully immersed in your culture, despite working from home and are as productive as quick as possible.

Get practical tips from progressive agencies

How to run an exceptional pre-boarding, 1st day, 1st/2nd week, 30/60/90 days employee experience.

The processes used to help new hires feel part of your culture quickly.

The role of people ops directors and line managers during virtual onboarding.

Mental-well being tips for new hires, especially in their first week when new job anxiety is at peak.

Get new hires to learn about their clients, systems and working processes as quickly as possible.

Discover processes progressive agencies use to help new hires develop their skills - without feeling they are constantly bugging their line manager

  • Dean Corney Pull Agency
    "This is bloody amazing. Seriously, such a valuable document right now, and some mega useful insight and advice. It is simple to read and has tons of new ideas that even the biggest and best agencies could use."
    Pull Agency
    Dean Corney (COO)
  • Emily Yeung WeMakeWebsites
    "This is amazing, it's very informative and gave me some inspiration for some of this year's HR-related processes I hope to implement."
    Emily Y. (HR Manager)
  • Ian Harris Agency Hackers
    "Fab – really interested in this. Congrats on the report – great work, looks amazing."
    Agency Hackers
    Ian Harris (Founder)
  • Britney Pierini Bread Payments
    "It's so interesting to see what other companies do and use."
    Bread Payments
    Britney Pierini (Head Of Employee Experience)
  • Simon Schnieders BlueArray
    "It’s incredibly helpful. This will definitely be sent to the entire senior team at BlueArray (it’s that useful to all)."
    Simon Schnieders (Founder)
  • Tom Smith FX Digital
    "This is quality! Very packed full of useful tips. You can tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into this."
    FX Digital
    Tom Smith (Co-Founder)