Friends who have inspired and helped us

Over the years our founder Daniel de la Cruz has built up an incredible network of people who all support each other. People who love what they do and are always trying to push beyond the limits of what is possible in their fields.

As a Polymensa member, our friends become your friends. Daniel makes over 150 personal introductions a month within his close network - carefully picked based on shared life values, clear opportunities or a chance to learn from each other. Plus he meets new agencies and partners every day. A lot of our friends also attend our events to share their experiences and hang out in our Slack group to give advice when needed.

“There are people who you meet along the way that have inspired you, given you a platform to step onto or been generous with their time. There are too many people to thank, but here are some of those friends I’ve met along the way and make a massive impact in our world everyday - thank you!”

- Daniel de la Cruz (Polymensa founder)