Our story begins with James

James is the most common name for an agency owner in the UK - imagine you’ve met 19 of them. Closely followed by Nick (15), Alex (13), Matt (10) and If you’re wondering about the most common female agency owner name - it’s Claire.


Over the next five years you meet more than 3,000 agency owners. You identify not just name commonalities, but behavioural patterns, common challenges. The reasons why some agency leaders are in a better position on the happiness spectrum than others. Why some agencies skyrocket and most never make it beyond 15 staff - despite all efforts.

You start figuring out parallels in other areas of life and spot one significant problem with learning and development in the agency world...

What beating a marathon record teaches you about running a progressive agency?

When Kipchoge broke the sub 2 hour marathon record in 2019, he was celebrated as single-footedly (seemed more appropriate) “galloping towards athletic immortality”. As an agency leader you know more than anyone else this is not a ‘single-handed’ effort. The team behind Kipchoge consisted of conditioning coaches, strength coaches, technical coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physicians, pacemakers, peer runners and 30 others. Made possible by the funding of INEOS, performance manager Peter Vint could assemble the best possible team of coaches.

Imagine you had the same funds for your agency training, you would most likely surround yourself with an entourage of coaches too. However, what almost always happens is that agencies end up appointing one advisor, who brings their single life perspective, experience and approach. Expecting that person to solve all their problems - most of which are unique to the agency and the leader's life.

That’s like going to a nutritionist and trying a diet that doesn’t work for your body. Ideally you would get the opportunity to talk to 10 nutritionists. Then pick and choose what works best for your body.

No one ever steps in the same river twice,
for it's not the same river and it's not the same person.

- Herakles

Polymensa is born

We bring agency leaders like yourself a multitude of perspectives (“poly”) from people who have walked different journeys of life - not just people from within the agency world. True innovation happens when you connect two unrelated fields.

You'll get the very best resources and a safe environment (“a mensa”) to explore agency topics in depth with your Polymensa team. The aim is to help you incrementally improve the things in your life and agency life that are in your control - while focussing your sense of achievement on the process.

Are you?


An infinite learner




Open minded




Someone that believes there are many ways to solve a problem

...we are too.
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"I'm on a mission to explore the parallels between different sectors, athletes, artists, celebrities and agencies - to help agency leaders like yourself improve your skills and come up with novel ideas that move your agency into a different league."

Daniel "Dan The Agency Man" de la Cruz

Polymensa founder & Chief Learner

Daniel spent the past 5 years building the UK’s most progressive and largest peer support membership community for agency owners. He’s had the honour of learning from over 3,000 agency owners and their perspectives.

"I have the humility to admit I was wrong telling agency owners why they should only hang out with other agencies, because they understand the agency business. While other people from other sectors don't understand agencies. The problem: There can be no innovation with that approach. Innovation happens when you connect two completely unrelated 'things' together and create a new 'thing'. To excel, agencies need both the support from agency peers and the inspiration from other sectors."