You will be a number
- a special number

When working on the inception for Polymensa, there was a crucial fork in the road: To scale or not to scale?

The only way you feel safe opening up about any problem you face in your agency and life, is if you trust us. We get that. Trust is built by an ongoing commitment to prove that we deeply care about you and your agency. That requires time. It also works best when you have a relationship with one single person, in our case the founder of Polymensa - Daniel de la Cruz.

Maximum of 30 members - ever

Scaling is not the right thing for our business.
Polymensa will only ever have a maximum of 30 members - doing things that don’t scale. You are treated like family (well, the ones you get on with). Your agency is part of a team of 9 other agencies and a troop of 3 teams.

Together you embark on a journey of in-depth learning. Dissect topics that relate to agency life and personal life. Discover what you don't know from a wide range of sectors and perspectives. Pick what works for your business.

The ultimate aim: To improve your skills based on the new found knowledge, innovate within your agency and develop meaningful connections with people that will inspire and support you along the way.

Your improvement journey with us includes these Polymensa services....

They're not new services for agencies, but it's the secret sauce in the execution that makes the difference


Weekly calls with your team

Quarterly ‘Deep Dive’ meet up

Monthly calls for your People Ops / HR managers

Knowledge hub

Book club (+ meeting the authors of your favourite books)

Introductions to agencies, suppliers and clients

Monthly calls for your Agency Ops managers

Our agency community


Our deep explorations of topics follow a theme that you and your team pick e.g. time management, team structures, new business, psychology of leadership, remuneration structures, etc.

There is a clear start to a theme, but the end is left to emerge when everyone feels they know all they need to know. For every theme you pick one thing that you learnt and commit to making that change in your agency. Your team is there to support and hold you accountable to your commitment.


Weekly calls with your team

Once a week you and your team meet for a session that involves theme related topics. This is a video call. If there is an immediate need to discuss a topic e.g. scenario planning for a crisis - then we will prioritise these topics and get the best knowledge delivered to you. The knowledge shared either comes from your team members in our ‘Peer Perspectives Calls’. Or from people we bring in who excel in their fields from all walks of life - in our ‘External Perspective Calls’.

Get knowledge from within the agency sector AND from other sectors

We strongly believe that agency leaders should learn from outside of their sector as much as within. The most novel ideas usually appear when we get inspired by concepts in other sectors and connect these with the agency world. That's why our guests include agency world leaders AND athletes, soldiers, doctors, painters, dancers, musicians, architects, comedians, chefs... the possibilities are endless - the learnings always practical.


Quarterly ‘Deep Dive’ meet up

Once a quarter your team meets up* in person for an opportunity to spend the whole day together. Typically remotely located, surrounded by nature - you take a step back and reflect on the past quarter. Get support from others in the team. Build stronger relationships with your peers. Come up with ideas for your business.

Take a moment to appreciate the incredible journey you've been on so far.

We also invite special guests to come along from heavy hitting entrepreneurs, to inspiring agency leaders, topic experts, advisors, celebrities, etc. They provide additional support, perspectives and inspiration throughout the day.

*Given our current virus crisis - we are not running meetups. However, when we will be allowed again we will take the necessary precautions to ensure everyone feels safe.

Peer perspective calls
(department heads)

It’s probably quite hard to imagine what your agency would be like without the support of the entire leadership team.

We host monthly Peer Perspective Calls and run Slack community for agency HR/People Directors of agencies with a team of least 20.

Collaborate with your peers from other agencies, exchange knowledge and ideas to help you improve in your role and the performance of your agency.

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“I speak to new agencies and partners every single day. Met over 3,000 agencies alone in the past 5 years. In a usual month I make 150 introductions between agencies, clients, partners, suppliers.”

- Daniel de la Cruz (Founder & Chief Learner at Polymensa).


"intro your name <-- --> their name"
If you've seen this format pop up in your inbox, you know you're in for a treat.

If you’ve had an introduction by Daniel before, you know how carefully picked and valuable they can be. One of our members can attribute £250,000 fee income to a single introduction over the past 3 years. As part of being one of the 30 agencies at the forefront of Daniel’s mind, you’ll be prioritised for the most suitable and valuable introductions.


Book club

The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team, The One Thing, Traction, Tribe Of Mentors, The New One Minute Manager, What I Learnt From Losing $1M, Good To Great, Win Without Pitching, Never Split The Difference, Home Deus / Sapiens, The War Of Art, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Zero to One...
Yep, we all have endless lists, but never find the time to read.

That’s why Polymensa has a book club. Together we read/listen to a book, watch a documentary, a film, podcast, etc. at least once a month and then debate the learnings together. A great way to get all areas of your brain firing up to come up with new ideas for your agency.

Knowledge Hub

For every theme we go over and beyond to research it inside out for you - so you don’t have to. We look for relevant articles, books, quotes, techniques, experts, agency examples, suppliers, tools and more. We take studious notes during all of our calls and record all video sessions. You will have access to all of this knowledge in our Knowledge Hub. More importantly we ensure that the content is summarised and distilled into the most relevant information - because we know how busy you are.

Our collaborative community

We use Slack to provide an additional source of information. We only allow the most inspiring and forward thinking agencies and people into the community. Ones that we know will contribute, collaborate and are willing to help you and others in the group. People who share our values.

All agencies must have a fee income of at least £1M+. Access to our Slack is free (provided your application is accepted) - as a Polymensa premium member you have a dedicated private channel for you and your team.

Agencies in our Slack community

Important entry requirement to our community is:

A) your agency has at least 15 employees
B) or a minimum of £1M fee income