Would you like to understand
how to become a Polymensa member?

Here's what we need from you:

Your agency has a minimum annual fee income of £1M+
You are able to invest at least £1,000 a month into the improvement of yourself and your agency
Your values align with our values

Hi, great to see you again...

Next, we would like to invite you to a call
(audio or video - whatever you prefer).

The purpose of the call is for us to get to know each other better and explore the fit of your agency for one of our 30 Polymensa membership spaces.

Sorry if this seems a big ask, but we have one final request:
Please plan in 1 hour for the call. In our experience you need that time to go beyond the 'business talk' and we want to get to know 'you'. We completely understand if you don't have the time - and we'll welcome you back when you do.