Peer support community for HR and people ops managers of agencies

Your role is one of the most important roles in an agency. You know it. Your team knows it. But what your team doesn't know is how hard it is to be the one person everyone comes to with their challenges...


We get you and it's why we want to support you in your role at your agency.

It's your chance to...

  • get new ideas and support from HR and people ops managers in other agencies (who are employing at least 20 people)
  • figure out this new way of working we're all facing together
  • be at the forefront of new developments in people ops at agencies


Meet some of the lovely agency HR and People Directors
helping each other out...

Angela Duhig

Deanne Walsh

Thomas Frame

Tom Chute

Debbie McIntosh

Max English-Merrick

Vicky Kollnberger

Sean Butcher

Piers Palmer

Debbie Adams

Laura Clews

Hannah Davidson

Mizzy Lees

Emily Yeung

Sharon Connors-Jones

Sarah McEvoy

Samantha Wilkinson

Sarah Smith

Nik Kennet

How much is it to join?

It's free to join.*

*But! Your agency must have a minimum of 20 full time team members to be eligible


What you get...

  • Monthly Zoom calls with other People Ops/HR Managers
  • Introductions to others working in People Ops/HR
  • A Slack group to ask your peers questions 24/7
  • Discuss topics such as:
    • Remote working culture
    • Team engagement
    • HR and People Ops software recommendations
    • Learning & Development processes
    • Appraisal processes


Become a member

If you'd like to join our community, please complete the form and we'll be in touch, with a friendly 'hi', give you access to our Slack and the link to our monthly call :)

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